I am a 50-page intelligence report into Russian gov covert actions in UK democracy & the Brexit referendum.

The UK gov is currently refusing to release me. I'm hidden in a desk and the media doesn't give a shit. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Pls RT

The public have spoken. They don’t want another pull out supplement on Harry & Meghan! They want the report into Russian interference in UK politics suppressed by @BorisJohnson before the election! Release the unredacted report NOW! We deserve the TRUTH

If only there was some way of knowing why a Prime Minister whose party has received £3.5m from Russian donors and who won the referendum thanks to Russian interference is still suppressing a report into Russian interference.

Let’s tell UK media what we think is more important

A. What Harry & Meghan plan to do today

B. A shocking new report which shows Tory plans to axe A&E targets may kill thousands of people every year

If “B” RT this

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