Full credit to Andrew Neil. He just demolished the Tories for sinking to new lows in their Corbyn "Soviet Smears".

Driving last night I overtook a cyclist, gave him plenty of room and thought no more. Stopped later on at lights. Saw a cyclist stopping and staring at me. Thought I’d done something wrong. Opened my window and he said “thanks for giving me plenty of space”. Made my day! #mdpl

Bailing out RBS cost the taxpayer £45b
We still own 71% of it
It has now made ten consecutive full year losses
Last year it awarded 9 top executives £16m in bonuses
Meanwhile the rest of us still endure an austerity imposed after a crash caused by reckless overpaid bankers

Just in Blackpool, saw a guy & woman shouting then fighting. A copper turned up but instead of calming things down he starts twatting the guy with a baton! The guy gets the baton and starts hitting the copper AND his wife! Then this crocodile turned up and stole all the sausages.

This will keep me busy.

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