Been discussing @BorisJohnson revised Withdrawal Agreement with a brilliant lawyer - Anneli Howard. Basically it's the May Deal with about 6 changes to the PD & 2 amended paras to the NI Protocol. If the Benn Act is akin to a surrender Act, this WA is a self-imposed knee capping

LADY HALE: Graduated top of her class with a 1st in Law from Cambridge. Professor of Law at Manchester. First woman to be appointed to the Law Commission. Only the second woman to be appointed to the Court of Appeal. President of the Supreme Court.

THE DAILY MAIL: “Ex-barmaid.”

Those - who were arguing recently that no-deal Brexit would “give back control” to British courts and a British parliament - have u-turned and are now suddenly against our courts, parliament, parliamentary sovereignty and constitution. 🤔

Amazed that so many Brexiters who insisted the prorogation was nothing to do with Brexit are now adamant prorogation being declared unlawful is an attempt to stop Brexit

Came to power, lost his majority live on TV, fired his hero's grandson, set the record of losing his first five votes in Parliament (breaking the previous record of four set by Boris Johnson earlier that same evening), lied to the Queen, broke the law. We're in month two.

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