When the Government starts claiming homelessness has fallen by a half under the Conservatives, the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what’s actually happened, you know your political System is now built on lies & deception. Please call it out!

We now have over 500,000 followers!!!

Huge thanks to everyone who has shown support for the NHS via our platform over the past 4 years 😘

We will not give up until we get to the million mark though, so if you’re not following already you may as well relent 😉

Thanks again!

Boris Johnson prays to God that this video never makes it into the public domain. Because in his own words it shows what he REALLY thinks of our NHS. If voters saw this it would leave them in zero doubt. Of course BBC will never show voters it.

*Latest* student voting intention:

LAB: 72%
LIB: 10%
CON: 8%
SNP: 3%
BRX: 2%
GRN: 1%

ICM Research 29 Nov-2 Dec

Keep pushing - we can win this election. Young people, keep talking, sharing and turn out to vote. We have 7 days.

If you think Richard Tice is more relevant to what is going on right now in than literally *every* single woman in British politics, you have a problem @bbc

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