Instead of an 18-day Christmas holiday, is there any chance Parliament could do some voting instead? We're in a bit of a pickle, you see.


An orangutan desperately fights against a bulldozer to protect the last tree in its home.

Is it just me?
I am still shocked and depressed at the *reaction* to Govt being found in contempt
Civil Society, MSM, BBC met it with a collective shrug
Democracy needs protection
When Govt shows contempt for the Rule of Law there should be a furious reaction from Civil Society

Note that Rees-Mogg, having called for a second referendum on Mrs May’s leadership, has already dismissed its result and wants a third. But he tells us a people’s vote on a Brexit deal which no one knew about 2 years ago, because it didn’t exist, is ‘undemocratic’!

This is actually today’s big news.

5th richest nation on the planet... and our life expectancy is falling for the first time since WW2.

Hard to think of a more damning indictment of the government that’s overseen/engineered this.

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