This is the ONLY explanation Theresa May could give this morning for handing a man who consistently voted AGAINST gay marriage, laws to promote equality and human rights, a ban on Fox hunting & now blocking a law to ban ‘upskirting’ a knighthood!

This is sort of fascinating. Only 48 retweets, but 1.1k comments. Is the issue with the BBC, that it has no capacity to listen or debate its internal processes? 1.1k comments beneath a tweet that no executive will bother to a problem.

Citizens of Christchurch, does this gentleman represent your views? If not, then the rest of us would be delighted if you booted him out at the next election.

I remember Christopher Chope getting angry with a Twitter executive at the Home Affairs Select Committee, because not enough had been done to take down a Christopher Chope parody account.

But if you want to take photographs up women's skirts, that's fine with Christopher Chope.

This is an ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE!! Why would a Tory MP derail a law which would have protected women & girls across England & Wales from the depraved violation of privacy that is ‘upskirting’?!! Just when I thought they could not sink any lower into the sewer! Despicable & shameless!!

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