Boris Johnson continues to say he believes Mr Cummings behaved reasonably and he considers the matter is closed. RT this if you disagree with him on that #MatterNotClosed

The U.K. is now officially in recession. In four and a half months, we become the first country in history to impose economic sanctions on itself. ‘World-beating’ doesn’t come close.

Britain has now recorded the largest fall in GDP of any major country as well as the highest excess death rate in Europe

Is it any wonder Boris Johnson’s Gov’t are trying to distract us by pointing their fingers at desperate migrants arriving in dinghies

The fact that the wealthiest in the UK live 8 years longer than the poorest, and have 20 more years of disease free living, is as shocking as any Covid statistic. It’s also one of the main reasons our Covid outcomes are so poor. Covid accelerates existing inequalities.

▪️Track and trace catastrofuck
▪️Hundreds of millions to pals for failed PPE
▪️Still no app
▪️School return unsafe
▪️Billions on Brexit red tape
▪️Infections rising
▪️Worst death rate in Europe
▪️Worst recession in Europe

Look at the dinghies!

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