Don’t listen to me.
Listen to the science. #UniteBehindTheScience

I cannot watch this without tears. My heart is breaking. Ireland's heart is breaking. We cannot go back go. We will not go back. No citizens, from any land, or religion, deserve a return to war: “Magic is the absence sometimes. Ah, there was magic too in 1998. A very good Friday”

Johnson’s first instinct was to lie.

Without hesitation.

This should be what we’re discussing - not the party affiliation of the father whose daughter is ill in the hospital.

I hear from different sources that many youth climate activists travelling to the UN Youth Climate Summit have not been given US visas in time for their travel.

If you could start to interact under this tweet, maybe journalists and others can help you speed up the process.

I’ve been sitting back watching this happen with ever increasing horror.

Who cares if he’s a Labour activist.

He’s a dad first.

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