Don't think nurses are walking away because they want too. We are being pushed after 8 years of pay restraint, eroded working conditions, unimaginable pressure&cuts to our bursaries.
Nurses simply do not feel valued anymore.
The govt know this&never act. 👎

Ran out of petrol today. Country lane. Trudging along, passed by myriad cars. Romanian Amazon driver stopped, drove me to filling station and back with can of fuel.

Bloody foreigners. Coming over here, working like dervishes and finding time for random kindness.

We will never get tired of sharing this

Our NHS simply could not survive without migrant workers

Please RT if you’re grateful for every single one of them


Hi @Jeremy_Hunt,

Here is our 8th question (hopefully you have time for this one).

Do you think the NHS would have lost 33,000 nurses last year if you had paid them fairly?


NHS Million Team

Please RT if you’d also like Jeremy to answer this

Still time to secure space at the New Year #SimplyNerworking on 29th Jan. All very welcome.

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