We are so excited to be launching London’s first dedicated cheese market bringing cheese back to Chiswick #cheesewick

It’s scandalous that the Government relentlessly try to gain all the credit for the vaccination programme by deliberately and repeatedly omitting the NHS from messages like this

Please RT if you see through their cynical attempts to redeem themselves

Word of the Day (on repeat) is 'ipsedixitism': the dogmatic assertion that something is 'fact' without any proof to back it up, or because someone, somewhere said it.

I stand against racism and cruelty. As your constituent, @hammersmithandy, I urge you to call on @PritiPatel to:

1️⃣ #CloseTheBarracks

2️⃣ House people seeking asylum in communities

3️⃣ Commit to a vision of a fair asylum system

Will you?

Refugee Action@RefugeeAction

From barracks unfit for human habitation to deathtrap housing where a mother saw the roof collapse on her toddler, the way we house people who are trying to rebuild their lives is a disgrace.

Share if you agree we need to #CloseTheBarracks and house people safely in communities.

On Monday Boris Johnson’s Gov’t will rush the Policing bill through the Commons. It contains some of the most draconian crackdowns on the right of peaceful protest any of us have seen in our lifetime.

Everyone needs to watch this so please RT. Johnson’s Gov’t must be stopped

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