Number of people who go bankrupt every year because of medical bills:

UK - 0
France - 0
Spain - 0
Portugal- 0
Denmark - 0
Australia - 0
Iceland - 0
Italy - 0
Finland - 0
Ireland - 0
Germany - 0
Netherlands - 0
Sweden - 0
Japan - 0
Chile - 0
Canada - 0

United States - 643,000

"I'm not going to get drawn on that - that's a matter for Dominic Cummings."

Remember when Britain voted for Dominic Cummings to run the country? Because I don't.

Antonio Finelli arrived in the UK from Italy in 1952 after answering an ad for immigrant labour.

Now, aged 95, the British government is telling him he must give more proof of his right to live here.

Total disrespect. What has happened to our country?

I’d rather have a burgundy coloured EU passport that gives unrestricted freedom of movement to live, work, study and travel around 27 other countries than a blue coloured UK passport that doesn’t offer these freedoms. Please retweet if you agree.

Travelling? At EU borders, 🇬🇧 citizens can still use the 🇪🇺 line during the transition period (even though some officials don’t seem to know)

But from 1 Jan 2021, as things stand, we’ll have to wait in the long queue.

(If you’re a #Brexiter , it’s what you voted for!)

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