We'd like to thank the @BBCNews political team for the limited coverage of our devastating defeat at Chesham and Amersham. We are as grateful now as we were when you spent nearly a week analysing Labour's decimation at Hartlepool. See you for drinks this evening!

I don't think ill ever get over the fact that a few years ago I could have packed my bags and gone live, work or study anywhere within 27 countries as easy as moving to another city and now I'm stuck on plague island thanks to the Tories.

What a betrayal for the next generation

Good grief. Has she heard nothing about transferrable skills from around the world?

This woman is a serial failure and a menace.

Not sure the woman who seems to have lost Β£37bn down the back of the sofa is the most natural choice to lead the NHS?

We now know,Dido Harding has applied to be the next CEO of the NHS England!
RT if you fear for the future of the NHS !

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