A European naval force in the Gulf. What a great idea. Cooperating with other countries for our national security. Maybe we could trade with them in a single market and agree joint standards for .... oh wait. Will of the people ... just believe ... blah blah ...

First Israel steals Palestinian land, then they build a wall on the stolen land to separate Palestinians and now Israel demolishes Palestinian homes in order to protect the wall. Sick.

You simply could not have made it up! Less than 24 hrs before the most pro-Brexit PM ever is named, Trump refuses to come the UK's aid in protecting UK ships off Iran. Necessitating Foreign Secretary Hunt to beg the European powers we seek to leave, to help out!

You will find Jeremy that I and millions of others will never forgive THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY for this shit storm because it is your fault. The damage has been done. At least have the dignity to own your own mess.

So a shout-out to all the journalists & news orgs & citizen sleuths & lawyers & academics & MPs & ordinary decent people who have worked so hard to bring the truth about @arron_banks & @Nigel_Farage to light. We are many & they are few. And we will win

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