World peace can only be based on inner peace. If we ask what destroys our inner peace, it's not weapons and external threats, but our own inner flaws like anger. This is one of the reasons why love and compassion are important, because they strengthen us. This is a source of hope

On passports, I still think the best idea is to let people choose their own colour:

Maroon passport = you can continue to travel freely, work and live across the EU.
Blue passport = you can’t do any of that but you have a blue passport.

Everyone’s happy!

Brexit remains a huge talking point in the UK. We are still wondering where that £350m a week for the NHS is. RT if you are too!

We think there are plenty of 'folk left with the faith to fight' for our NHS. Please RT if you are one of them!

Professor Stephen Hawking was leading legal action against Jeremy Hunt to prevent him ‘Americanising’ the NHS

The senior healthcare professionals he was working with will be continuing the fight

Please RT if they have your full support

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