Terms and Conditions

At Home in London acts only as a booking agent between paying guests and hosts. At Home in London does not provide accommodation nor does it control those who do provide accommodation. Your contract is with your host. At Home in London does not accept responsibility for any matters which arise as a result of events beyond its control.

The information provided is based upon the circumstances normally in existence in the homes, which are regularly inspected by at Home in London. Every attempt possible has been made to ensure a high standard of accommodation. All enquiries are processed free of charge.

Although extremely unusual, at Home in London reserves the right to substitute accommodation, should this be considered necessary, and guests will be notified of any changes as soon as possible. In these circumstances there is no charge for booking alterations.

So that your hosts may plan to be at home to welcome you, it is essential that you let your hosts and at Home in London know your arrival time and at which airport/station. You are not permitted to have extra people, not specified at the time of booking, staying in your room without your host’s consent, and without informing at Home in London.

Travel insurance is recommended.

If you have any queries about your accommodation it is important that you inform at Home in London during your visit. Any queries about your accommodation must be settled during your stay.

CANCELLATION POLICY FOR BED & BREAKFAST ACCOMMODATION: The reservation fee on your confirmed booking is not refundable. In the event of a cancellation you will be liable to pay the following fees to your host: 10 days before arrival you pay 25% of the fees; 4-9 days before arrival you pay 50% of the fees; 3 days or less before arrival you pay 75% of the fees.

LONG STAY ACCOMMODATION [minimum stay 2 weeks]. Deposit: Within 24 hours of your arrival at your accommodation, 15% of the total fees due must be paid in cash to your host. This deposit is held against any breakages, damages or telephone calls, sundries, where applicable. Your deposit will be refunded in full in cash at the end of your visit provided the accommodation is in good order. Termination of Tenancy: Should the guest or host wish to terminate the tenancy, notice must be given to At Home in London and to the guest or host [whichever is applicable]. For stays of up to 3 months – 2 weeks notice. For stays over 3 months – 3 weeks notice. For times during your confirmed booking when you are absent from your accommodation, the full weekly rent is payable.

CANCELLATION POLICY FOR LONG STAY ACCOMMODATION: the agency fee on your confirmed booking is not refundable. In the event of a cancellation you will be liable to pay the following fees to your host: 14 days before arrival you pay 10% of the fees due; 7-13 days before arrival you pay you pay 25% of the fees due; less than 7 days before arrival you pay 50% of the fees due.

Any dispute arising out of the agreement for provision of accommodation shall be governed by and subject to English law and jurisdiction.

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